Trace Environmental Systems, Inc. provides best-in-class services including parts, permanent and temporary CEMS, software support for new and existing installations, and the use of our team of regulatory experts. We have you covered!

Our nationwide staff of qualified, devoted inside support and field service personnel provides customers with a ticket-free process to address your needs. This means no waiting in queues!

The Trace Preventive Maintenance Program assures customers their equipment will pass required compliance QA/QC certification tests.

Field services are customized to meet your requirements whether on demand or preventative.

Because we understand the importance of your air compliance, we offer an array of DAS support, maintenance, and reporting services to meet your unique organization’s needs.

CEMS Services

CEMS services include the following:

  • CEMS Installations, Training, and Consulting
  • Particulate (PM) CEMS Sales and Installations
  • Rental CEMS: Temporary Lease Options
  • Preventive Maintenance Program
  • On-Demand Response Field Services
  • Process Optimization Monitoring 

DAHS Services

DAHS Services include the following:

  • Blanket DAS 2000 and WebDAS2K Support
  • DAS Server Operating System, Database and Application Software Upgrades 
  • DAS Computer/Hardware Upgrades
  • Database Maintenance
  • DAS Backup and Recovery Services

Regulatory and Reporting

Our regulatory and reporting services include the following:

  • Air Permit Evaluations
  • EPA Quality Assurance Auditing
  • EPA and State Compliance Reporting
  • Plan Development Monitorization
  • QA/QC Plan Preparation
  • Protocol Preparation & Submittals