Gain insight into your regulatory compliance with WebDAS2K Data Explorer.

WebDAS2K from Trace Environmental Systems, Inc. is an end-user configurable data acquisition solution for your data-intensive and complex air environmental compliance requirements. Whether driven by 40 CFR 75, 40 CFR 60, Title V, or another US regulation, WebDAS2K handles it.

WebDAS2K, the latest air emissions software from Trace, delivers real-time regulatory data fleet-wide anytime, anywhere on our latest web-based platform. No client-side software required! 

Establish: WebDAS2K is part of the ongoing evolution of DAS 2000 and our investment into innovation, establishing Trace as a leader in air compliance data acquisition software.

Simplify: WebDAS2K has a proven track record of leading the industry in straightforward end-user configurable tools, simplifying the management of compliance data by all stakeholders.

Improve: Predictive capabilities address the challenges of staying beneath emissions compliance limits while improving and revolutionizing the way environmental specialists interact with their DAS.

Eliminate: Intuitive, easy-to-configure dashboards tell operators what they need to know and what actions to take, minimizing downtime and meeting compliance requirements.

Enhance: Reporting has never been as flexible and intuitive as with WebDAS2K. Setup, formats, and deployment options enhance and set a new standard for compliance reporting.

Achieve: The launch of WebDAS2K achieves our goal of establishing secure connectivity – accessing WebDAS2K anytime, anywhere.